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Here we go again. Sent a letter out with the soon to be final newsletter. If you only read that, no problem. Problem. If you read the letter then you probably question the date of the meeting. If you know when the general membership meetings take place monthly. No problem. The date for the meeting is NOT the November 21st for the General Membership Meeting, but should be, of course, the Second Thursday of the month, which IS November 12, 2015, and the correct date for this important meeting. If ever there was a time for you to show up. This is the meeting that will test the fate of the club. So that said, I will try and get the letter to insert for you to read in the corrected format.

2015 Future Tlakes


It is time for our November White Elephant sale. Bring your, clean unbroken, in good working order, no chipped items to the sale. If you won't buy it, don't bring it. FYI! I can tell you because I have connections, that there will be some really delicatable baked goods for sale at this meeting. If you like cheese cake, pineapple upside down cakes, cookies, and any other sweets for the sweet, and not so sweet, LOL. Then this is the meeting for you. Bring a friend, bring family members, neighbors and send them all home yearning for morning to come so they can dive into the baked goods they won the night before. It's ALL GOOD! White Elephants eat your heart out.


This past months have been full of surprises. None of which have been good. To date we have had an increase of $25 to mail the newsletters and it didn't stop there. As the newsletter editor was going on vacation the newsletter was put into print early and surprise, this is the last newsletter our printer will be doing. He closed his doors for good on Friday the 14th of August.  The one bid for printing I received is $20 more then we were paying before. So things are going up and up and up, and our plea for more help and hands has fallen on deaf ears. This any many other decisions will need to be put on the November ballot as to whether it is beneficial to continue the newsletter or not. Nominations


On October 3, 2015 we lost yet another lifetime member Sara Seidler and I am sorry to report that on October 31, 2015 we lost Sy Seidler. This couple were an important part of Tea Lakes conservation effots and both were life time members, which meant they had gone above and beyond the needs of Tea Lakes conservation efforts in Missouri and a mainstay at Tea Lakes Conservation Wildlife Area located in Rosebud, Missouri. Sy was our link to the Conservation Federation of Missouri (CFM). He kept us informed of any group attempting to undo the clubs conservation efforts. His duty as our auctioneer made coming to the meetings  when, we hold our White Elephant Sales, as much fun as anyone could have. In his immortal words, "If you raise your hand in gesture, You bought it." That meant if you raised your hands talking during the bidding you might get something you didn't know you were buying. So, talkers beware. He was key in getting our younger generation interested in our  world of conservation. Many laws were put on the ballot because of his efforts and the most important  is, The Design for Conservation Sales Tax, is a 1/8th of a cent sales tax that goes directly to support fish, forest and wildlife conservation efforts through the Missouri Department of Conservation. That is one penny goes for conservation efforts out of every $8 dollars of taxable goods.  In the early 1970's Missouri citizen's petitioned to have the tax placed on the ballot. The tax passed and was implemented in 1976. In 1999 state officials attempted to divert the money from the conservation tax to pay refunds to taxpayers.  The Missouri Supreme Court ruled that the state's 1/8 percent conservation sales tax must be used only for conservation and cannot be considered part of the state's total revenues. We will need a new link to CFM in order to keep that law and any others of importance to conservation in effect for future generations everywhere.


Please attend the November 12, 2015, General Membership meeting to be held at the American Legion Memorial Post #162, located at 9305 South Broadway, Lemay, MO., 62125. Let South Sides efforts in beginning a long standing effort to bring conservation into the homes of those who live in Missouri kept alive and not see those efforts come to an abrupt end. We need YOU! NOW!


Remember no donation is too small and a $1.00 TO $1,000.00 TO $1,000,000 DONATION, from you, will help support our conservation efforts and keep our Wildlife Preserve/Conservation Area alive for future generations. Just $1.00 will do wonders in keeping our natural resources, land, air, water, flourishing. We want everyone to become part of the 3-RRR's-(Reduce-Reuse-Recycle)Generation Tea Lakes Member, by simply "Thinking Green" daily. Please join us in our quest for the future! If 1,000,000,000 + people DONATE $1.00, just think what can be accomplished for our future generations. A $10,000 donation will do 100 times as much good. Teaching others about the beauty of our lakes, wildlife, safe camping, fishing, bird watching, hiking, native flowers, and numerous other areas that affect each of us daily is a testament to what you have accomplished today by joining our commitment to create a better world just by GOING GREEN $1.00 at a time. Please join us and Donate Today! The solution is a Greener you by commiting to becomming a 3 RRR's Generation Tea Lakes Member.


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Tea Lakes is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization & a 509 (a)(2) Public Charity Organization.   

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 ALL CHECK OR MONEY ORDERS MUST BE MADE OUT TO: SOUTH SIDE CFM IN ORDER TO BE PROCESSED BY THE BANK. Any checks made out incorrectly will be returned to the sender for replacement.
Any returned checks from the bank will result in a $35 returned check fee and membership will be declined until all fees are paid in full.


The Conservation Federation of Missouri was organized in 1935 by joining existing Conservation clubs and concerned individual citizens in the state for the express purpose of taking conservation in Missouri out of politics.  Petitions were circulated and more than 100,000 signatures were secured to allow proposition No. 4 to be placed on the ballot at the General Election of 1936.  This amendment, which passed by a landslide victory, provided us with our present Non-Political Conservation Agency, the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Concerned sportsmen of St. Louis played an active role in the success of proposition No. 4. Many of these people joined together to form the nucleus of the St. Louis District Chapter of the Conservation Federation of Missouri.  After experimenting for several months with regular meetings, the officers found it difficult to locate a suitable hall situated in central St. Louis to house the ever increasing attendance.  As a result, it was decided to divide the St. Louis Chapter into three divisions.  One of those being the South Side Division, which would later become one of the strongest affiliates of the Conservation Federation of Missouri.

South Side Division was organized in 1940, and with the strong leadership and dedication of its members, it developed into one of the most progressive conservation groups in the entire state.

Purpose and Goals

The objective of South Side Division is the education of the people of Missouri in conservation of all wildlife, soil, air, water, forestry, flower, song birds and all other natural resources of the State of Missouri. 

Since 1940 the members of South Side have dedicated their time, money and labor to such projects as the Tea Lakes Wildlife Preserve/Conservation Area.  Tea Lakes, which has received national recognition, was the result of countless hours of planning and work by the most ardent of conservationists.  This spirit continues today to ensure that the Tea Lakes area remains an educational conservation area just as the founders of our organization had envisioned it. 

Throughout the years, there have been many legislative attempts to undermine the conservation efforts in Missouri.  Whether it was an attempt to raid the conservation sales tax, or the proposed mining in a wilderness area, the members of South Side have always been there to fight for the good of conservation.  Although we have succeeded in the past to thwart these selfish attempts, we cannot relax because there will always be another challenge tomorrow.  The greatest resource of South Side Division are its members and it is up to us to ensure that Missouri will be a better place to live. 

Tea Lakes Area

Tea Lakes is a 216 acre multi use wildlife preserve and conservation area.  The original tract of land was acquired in 1946 and has since been expanded to its current state.  There are seven lakes and ponds on the area the largest of which covers 28 acres.

Some of the recreational activities that Tea Lakes offers are: fishing, camping, hiking, birding, relaxing, family picnics, etc...  There are five lakes and ponds that are stocked with fish such as crappie, catfish, bass and bluegill.  Tea Lakes offers excellent fishing opportunities throughout the year that can challenge anyone from the occasional weekend fisherman to the fishing enthusiast. 

There are 20 primitive campsites on the area which can accommodate anyone from tent campers to campers with self contained units.  A seasonal shower house is also available near the campsites.  Whether you choose to "rough it" or camp with some of the comforts of home, all the campsites have a beautiful view of the lake.

As Aldo Leopold wrote in his classic book on conservation, A Sandy County Almanac, "There are some who can live without wild things, and some who cannot".  The members of South Side are those who cannot live without wild things. 

 Conservation Pledge

I give my pledge as an American
to save and faithfully
to defend from waste the
natural resources of my country -
its soil and minerals,
its forests, waters, and wildlife.

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Email to info@tlakesarea.org

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